Paintings by Ilya Khokhrin are unique, and are such not only because of their flawless technique, but also owing to the phenomenal nature of outstanding ideas, poetic scenes, and philosophic reflections portrayed by the artist.
   Khokhrin is at an endless dialog with his audience that is never indifferent to his vision. Truly, the ability to tirelessly surprise the viewer with unique natural, emotional, and artistic depictions is an inseparable and rich talent of this gifted artist, and an enviable quality of his multifaceted art. Among many merits of colorful and vivid depictions, created by Khokhrin’s fruitful imagination, one can note a complete absence of mundane scenes. Subtle yet deeply sincere emotions – which are succinctly and vividly portrayed by the artist on his canvases – convey his profound experiences of happiness, and at times exaltation, and, inevitably, inspire and elate the viewers.
   Viewing Khokhrin’s canvasses, the audience reassess inner values, tunes into higher aesthetic ideals, recalls and restores lost bits of childhood happiness in their souls. Unquestionably, Khokhrin’s art not only never ceases to delight the eye, is never stale, but instead has a unique ability of fostering the development of aesthetic perception the viewer’s soul, and possesses a truly healing quality.